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Many moons ago, George slayed a huge angry dragon, became a hero and a knight, then found a lonely orphaned egg!

Realising his terrible mistake, Saint George put down his sword and devoted his life to raising the parentless baby, naming him Brachaus. Now comes your chance to step forth, be you maiden or knave, to greet George and meet Braxitus face to green snuffly snout. Tis true there's no smoke without fire... and no friendship without a brave first step!

Meet Saint George and Brachaus on Tuesday Market Place at 11am/12.45 & 2pm

The Levitating Wizard

An unexplainable levitating wizard! - mysterious! 

Keep your eyes peeled for him at 10am, 12 and 2pm!

Meet Fairytale and Hero Characters

Keep your eyes peeled for your all your favourite princesses and heros - be sure to bring your autograph book, you never know who you might meet

The Medieval Tower and Damsel! .

Keep your eyes peeled for this miraculously moving Medieval Tower.


High up from it’s gothic arch window, a beautiful Damsel engages pleadingly with gallant male suitors to rescue her from her imprisonment.

Accompanying her is a toothless old crone Apothecary, who encourages the gallant squires to scale her lady’s great heights and tries to steal a kiss for herself - you have been warned! 

Find them in the town centre at  11.15am/1.15/2.30pm

The Banana Uke Band

This harmonious bunch are here for some healthy, fruity fun. They just love to lark about with everyone they meet!

These cheeky Bananas have a tip-top repertoire of tunes which blend together like a refreshing smoothie. Hold on to your fruit bowl hats and get prepared for some five-a-day inspired musical treat and  sing-along songs 

Keep your eyes peeled (pun intended) for them in the town centre at 10.30am/12.30 and 2.30pm 

The Fairy Godmother

We all need some wise words from time to time so the Fairy Godmother is here to help!


 She is very very chatty and here to listen to your wishes and dispense plenty of pearls of wisdom and life advice. 

Find her in the town centre at 10.15am/12/15 and 2.15pm


Sing-along and dance performance from all our characters, join them as they take to the stage on the Tuesday Market Place at 2.30pm.

The perfect warm up ahead of Sleeping Beauty's Disco at Alive Corn Exchange 

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